Scale: 1/18 Code: R3255 Colour: RED Material: die-castミニカーショップ ええもん堂です。コアなミニカーを信頼度No.1のお店でイチ早くGet! プレゼント、ギフト、贈り物にも最適です

 We will ship to the world. Since we will order from overseas agents after purchasing, it may take 4 to 6 weeks until product arrival. There are times when there are some scratches, dents in the outer box rarely due to parallel import goods. In the unlikely event of initial failure, please contact within one week after delivery. I will exchange or refund. Thank you.
 我們將運往世界。 由於我們將在採購後向海外代理商訂購,直到産品到達為止,可能需要4至6週。 有時候會有一些痕,外箱的凹痕很少是由於平行的進口貨物。 在不太可能發生初始故障的情況下,請在交貨後一周内通知。 我會交換或退款 謝謝。

フェラーリ カリフォルニア ミニカー 1/18 MATTEL HOT WHEELS FERRARI NEW CALIFORNIA SPIDER 2009 赤 R3255